12-Month Soul Care


Lii’s specialty is

customized and confidential care

for the leader’s soul.


Lii is here to care for you…the mentor.

Lii offers leaders four 12-month soul care options: 

  1. 7th Year Mentoring Men’s Group with Barry.
  2. 7th Year Mentoring Women’s Group with Alicia.
  3. Individual 7th Year Mentoring for women with Alicia
  4. Individual personal spiritual direction for men with Barry.

Whichever offering you choose, the Chole’s focus is your spiritual health. 

Lii’s 12-month soul care offerings are like having a personal fitness trainer for your soul.

Each 12- month option contain a combination of the following (scroll down for specific descriptions):

Since Lii was founded in 2011, well over $60,000 in need-based scholarships have been awarded applicants. Funds are distributed as available. To request consideration for a scholarship, simply offer a brief explanation of the need in your application form.

The 7th Year with Alicia

Focus: Ministry and marketplace leaders
  • Registration Fee: $250 Monthly Fee: $295
  • Includes:
  • ONE monthly 50 min. one-on-one spiritual direction/mentoring session
  • ONE monthly 50 min. small group teaching (5-12 participants)
  • Six of Alicia’s books & CD’s, including her newest work, The Sacred Slow [a $175 value]
  • TWO optional retreats at Rivendell [a $1500 value]
  • Additional Fees: 10 of 15 reading list resources, travel to optional retreat and community meals at retreats.
  • Starts: June 2018
  • Scholarships: Available as funds permit
  • Please note: Alicia’s Individual 7th Year is identical to the group experience with three exceptions: (1) There are two 50 min. one-on-ones monthly instead of one, (2) there are no retreats, and (3) the cost is $395/month. Click Here to apply for The Individual 7th Year.
Apply for The 7th Year with Alicia

The 7th Year with Barry

Focus: Ministry and marketplace leaders
  • Registration Fee: $250  Monthly Fee: $295
  • Includes:
  • ONE 60 min. monthly one-on-one spiritual direction/mentoring session
  • ONE 75 min. monthly small group teaching (4-12 participants)
  • Six of Alicia’s books (including her newest offering, The Sacred Slow) [a $175 value]
  • During the Men’s Core Focus, participants will have the opportunity to register for a men’s prayer retreat led by Barry at the Chole’s prayer retreat home in Branson, MO (www.rrbranson.com)
  • Additional Fees: 10 of 15 reading list resources
  • Starts: Spring and Fall—accepting applications now
  • Scholarships: Available as funds permit
  • Please note: Dr. Barry Jay Chole also offers personal spiritual direction at $200/60-minute session. Click Here to book an appointment.
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From those who have experienced 7thYear Mentoring

”My year with Barry in the M.E. reminded me that there are things purer and simpler that God has asked me to pursue. It deeply exposed what I had made life about and helped me get back on the right track!” Sevo

Campus Missionary

“The Mentoring Encounter “has fundamentally changed my life because of Alicia’s love and leadership and the intentionality of the material.” Andrea

Executive Pastor

”The Men’s Mentoring Encounter challenged my perspective on life, work, family, etc. The year was about growing and being open and transparent in a way I’ve never been before.” Joel


“The Mentoring Encounter has caused me to be more aware of God’s presence and to trust God more each day. Alicia is a loving mentor who celebrates God’s gift of each soul. Time with her has caused me to truly rest in God’s provision and timing. This has been one of the most refreshing experiences of my life.” Darnita

University Administrator

More from those who have experienced a Mentoring Encounter

“The Mentoring Encounter greatly deepened my relationship with Christ. I had become so involved in ministry that my time with the Lord was crowded. The 7th Year and mentoring from Alicia greatly impacted my life to schedule regular retreats and make decisions to prune out some ministry to have more time for the Lord. I highly recommend the Mentoring Encounter. I am so thankful for the experience.” Marlane


”The Mentoring Encounter helped me recognize that my personal walk with Jesus is more important than my service for Jesus.” Diane


”The Mentoring Encounter was a powerful experience that greatly helped me navigate a significant transition in my life.  Alicia’s depth of experience as a spiritual director coupled with her prayerful listening skills created a dedicated space to carefully process and develop soul-reaching parts of my life.  It’s clear that she has not only studied, but that she also LIVES the spiritual truths she leads us to discover, which is probably what makes her such an effective guide.  I highly recommend this experience.” Tracy

Pastor's Wife

The Mentoring Encounter “was a beautiful blend of encouragement and being stretched—but stretched toward those things that my soul craves!  The material we received each week, the books we read, the chat times with other women pursuing Jesus…and particularly the joy of one-on-ones with Alicia, these things nurtured my soul in a profound way.  Being a part…is one of the best decisions and investments I have made toward my spiritual growth.” Natalie


“The Mentoring Encounter “was exactly what my heart was needing.  I learned about myself and experienced God in new ways.  It felt like a breath of fresh air to my soul.  Connecting with the other women was amazing!  My one-on-ones with Alicia made a huge difference during a very difficult season of my life.” Laura


”The Mentoring Encounter helped me to spend an entire year focused on learning to hear God’s voice more clearly.  Alicia’s one-on-ones were so life-giving and Spirit-led — the kind of mentor I have searched for for years.  I not only feel changed because of what God spoke to me during this year, but I have tools now to walk with other women through the same journey.” Paige

Campus Missionary

The Mentoring Encounter “sealed and confirmed the work God had already done in me before, gave incredible clarity, answered deep questions I had, and opened my eyes to hurts I had buried.” Kelly

Special Needs Advocate

The Mentoring Encounter “was a move toward intentionality in my spiritual life that I desperately needed.  It was a year centering and redefining priorities.  It was a year of focused resting in the Lord and trusting.” Charity

Marketing CEO

The Mentoring Encounter “was an invitation to come and rest and be renewed.  It was a time to learn to walk with God in His timing and at His pace rather than rushing forward as circumstances and situations would demand.” Joy

Youth Pastor

“The Mentoring Encounter meant taking an in-depth look into my life that propelled me toward a more intimate relationship with the Savior.” Raleigh


“The Mentoring Encounter is still changing my life.  Alicia’s intentional questions and insights, along with her monthly teachings and the weekly e-journey are a continual tool of encouragement and strengthening in my life.” Jennifer

Campus Missionary